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A little hope for Huawei Customers

Published on 24 May 2019

No, the trade ban is still in place but that may be a good thing for independent app developers. Huawei has its own “app store” called the App Gallery where back in 2018 they pitched app developers to come up with software for their store. It seems like Huawei was prepared for the possibility of a trade ban or restrictions coming from the US and subsequently from Google therefore they doubled their efforts in upgrading their App Gallery.

With Google’s new restriction on the mobile phone company all Google applications could go, which means no more YouTube, Google search and many of the other apps contained in the Play Store. Since the US is not allowed to engage in business with China and any china based company this could mean no more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest although no spokespersons from these other apps have given any comment on whether or not they will follow Google’s lead.

Tough times are ahead for Huawei as they attempt to recover from Trump’s irrational trade restrictions on China. Android is an operating system owned by Google and the world most used mobile phone operating system. Even if Huawei finds a way to redeem itself by making incredible apps, they will be missing out on a very integral operating system that is valued and trusted by many. Other companies have tried and failed miserably to appeal to the masses. For instance, Microsoft launched its own phones with its own operating system and the phone failed to compete with Android.

It I unlikely when Huawei will launch its App gallery and the kind of apps that will be in the Gallery but it is clear that all our favorite go to apps (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) will not be included since they are American companies owned by and operated by Americans. The best thing for Huawei is to wait and see if trade negotiations between Xi Jingping, China’s president and Trump will bring a resolution to the trade ban.

China and Trump are in negotiations to draw up a new trade agreement and Trump according to BBc, is reported to say that Huawei is a topic for discusssion in the trade negotiations.

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