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The big Deal about 5G

Published on 03 Jun 2019

5G is finally here. By here, we mean in some countries in the developed world namely North Korea, United States and Switzerland. So it’s here but not really. 5G has been hyped up so much in the past couple of years with different network carriers (in the US, obviously) claiming that they had finally perfected 5G internet. AT&T launched 5G Evolution and rebranded it to 5GE. Only it wasn’t really 5G, just 4GLTE. A lot of people were not too happy about the alleged scam. AT&T however promised to unveil their new 5G network as 5G+. The telecommunications company unveiled the network in 19 cities across the United States. 5G promises faster network speed meaning you will be able to stream your video faster plus this fifth generation technology promises to be the internet of things where not just phones and computers will be linked but cars, robots and hopefully even energy grids and traffic signals. Also have you ever noticed that there is a brief delay from when you send a message to when it is delivered, 5G hopes to solve all that.

The 5G conspiracies

While it might be a few more months give or take a few years until 5G is available in Kenya, it is important to be very careful of what you may read online in the coming years. RT America, an ironically Russian company is alleging that 5G connection will cause: cancer, nose bleeds and learning disabilities in children. This is not true. In fact, the truth is that 5G is actually better for us since the higher frequencies cannot penetrate the skin as easily as low frequency radio waves do.

Russia obviously has ulterior motives in creating and spreading this propaganda. While they spread fear and skepticism around in other countries, back home they are researching on different ways to use waves similar to 5G for health treatments that include treating cancer, healing wounds and boosting immunity. So while the world runs around in fear of getting cancer from 5G networks, Russia will be ahead of their peers in this new piece of technology.  

While 5G promises a world of high speed connectivity, it might be a while until the technology is fully functional. even in countries that have officially launched the service it is facinf serious technical challenges.

5G is only available in some parts of the United States and there’s seemingly no word on whether Kenyan telecommunication companies are working to get the technology here.

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