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Twitter Wants You to be the New Tweeter in Chief

Published on 29 May 2019

Twitter is looking to hire an innovative, creative and culture aware tweep and it just could be you.

 In a post made on their website early Wednesday morning (Kenyan time), Twitter is looking to hire someone to run their account @Twitter and serve as a moral compass to other Twitter users on how to act and talk to people on Twitter.

This position could not come at better time since the platform is home to controversial topics and  is at times considered as the purveyor of culture. Twitter has often time been the stage for some of the most inspiring stories but that goes hand in hand with tweets from predators, misogynists and racists so it is great to see that Twitter is finally taking in the reins and using their platform to help control the hate that is sometimes saturated on the platform.

The new Tweeter in Chief will be tasked in building communities and monitor how content travels around the platform. He or she will also have to spark conversations that highlight what unites us. And talk a little about what Twitter updates, products and PR.

To be the new Tweeter in Chief you must be plugged into Twitter culture, Stan culture and culture in general. You should also have a desire to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment. And you should be FUN! If you think you are the perfect person for this position follow this link and apply for what could be the “job of your dreams.”

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